Our Brand - "COUGARBEAR": Graceful and stong like a Cougar - powerful and huge like a Bear

  Hydraulic Grab

Where we dig - others can't

The patented COUGAR reforest machine is designed to plant trees of bigger sizes and for various reforest and restoration works:

  • Splitting old tree stumps, roots and soil, to plant young trees and to protect plantations.
  • Constructing strong fences and avalanche brakes.
  • Building obstacles and cleaning stream beds.
  • Grading and levelling applications.
  • Reinforcing shores and dikes.
  • Working on steep banks and torrents.
  • Drilling plant holes in desert areas for plantations.
  • Hydraulically and mechanically attached and connected to the boom of any kind of excavator, tractor, crane, skidder etc. for unique and versatile use.
  • In use in combination with hydraulic standard equipment as vibrators, hammers and rotators.


  Hydroelectric Power Plants

Where we produce - others can't

The transportable hydroelectric power plant, with Kaplan-turbine, generator, control panel and ladder to entrance hatch, fits perfect into a common standard container used for sea, air, rail or road transportation.

Preassembled and already operationally guaranteed tested by the manufacturer, the mobile, approximately four ton heavy hydro power plant will be lifted onto a truck, train, ship, airplane, or what ever kind of transportation unit, and will be sent direct to its final destination.

There, the hydro power plant can be set on a concrete foundation or steel frame, or one can dug in the unit, or set it in concrete.

After connecting the container pipe flange to the flow system, the plant is ready to produce electrical energy out of water power up to 200 kW per unit, depending on the available water flow-capacity and the net-height of the total drop.

To be transported to another destination and use, the plant can be easy picked up at its location, simply because of its steady readiness for transportation.

Comparing to a conventional set up, the use of a transportable hydro electric power plant is reducing costs for construction works by 2/3, and time for installation at the construction site by two days.

Patented Transportable Hydroelectric Power Plant running for 230 KW