Our Brand - "COUGARBEAR": Graceful and stong like a Cougar - powerful and huge like a Bear

Key Points and Corporate Objective

Key Points

There is a rising world-wide need to perform reforestation and repair activities faster, more economically and with greater mobility.

This imperative is dictated in turn by the need to satisfy and meet increasing safety, quality of life and environmental protection demands.

The world-wide water supply on the continents can only be guaranteed and protected by a healthy forest economy.

Each clear-cut, not being reforested and stabilised, will convert into a desert and is loosing its soil value for plantations.

A dangerous and dramatic future disaster for world's food supply and climate - if today's human society, only because of its addiction to profit - does furthermore ignore and neglect the urgent needs for an intensive world-wide reforestation.


Corporate Objective

To exploit own plant and machinery patents designed to accelerate the necessary industrial regeneration and reforestation process; the purpose being to create meaningful new labour market segments, using existing available equipment, in regions which have suffered damage to harvests and the environment.

In close co-operation with the business partners, to implement this goal-oriented overall concept profitably; also, to have a sustained influence on environmentally friendly, ecologically balanced, forest- and hydro economy management.

Subject to consideration of local and cultural realities, to develop rapidly a world-wide network of economic distribution and manufacturing sites.

To develop a politically and financially independent business, which would devise, manufacture and put into world-wide use specialised, qualitatively superior products.

In May 1998, the Patentee, Founder and President: Robert Schnyder